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Yoga creates optimal health through balancing, toning, and harmonizing all body-systems.

Yoga calms agitation and discomfort in the mind, and regular practice creates the right conditions for the spontaneous arising of joy.

At Yoga Union our classes are taught with an attitude of exploration, investigation and fun. We pay particular attention to the coordination of breath and movement, in order to increase relaxation, comfort, and ease on all levels.

Our Yoga classes range from very gentle to very vigorous.  We incorporate the principles of alignment taught in the major schools of yoga today, along with the principles of inner- alignment, that are presented in our own Embodyoga®programs.

Today’s Schedule

Yoga Classes

We offer a full range of classes, from beginner to advanced and covering many forms of practice. From Yoga Basics and Chair Yoga to all levels of Embodyoga®, Vinyasa, Yin as well as yoga for spiritual health and yoga for osteoporosis.

See a full description of all our current class offerings

Private Classes

An opportunity to focus specifically on you and the individual needs of your yoga practice. Private Yoga Sessions are appropriate and available for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Contact us to set up a program that’s best for you.


Monthly Membership

$89 – Monthly Unlimited – Founder’s Membership
If you take more than 2 classes a week our $89 monthly unlimited yoga plan makes the most sense. Automatic renewal is convenient…no need to worry about running out of classes. The membership period is for 12 months but you may cancel or suspend your pass at any time. We just ask for 30 days prior notification.

The Founder’s membership pricing is only available to a limited number of members coinciding with the studio opening.

$40 – 30 day New student special

One time offer for all new students to the studio. Enjoy unlimited yoga classes for your first 30 days.

Regular unlimited membership options

$108 Monthly Unlimited – 6 month membership

$129 Monthly Unlimited – 3 month membership

Class Card Packages

If you prefer flexibility, our class cards are a great choice.

We offer the following options:
10 Class Card – $140 expires in 6 months

5 Class Card – $80 expires in 3 months

6 Classes per month – $80 per month recurring

Single drop-in
Drop-ins for ongoing classes at Yoga Union are $18.

*The Fine Print

Memberships do not include series, workshops or teacher training.
Fees are subject to change without prior notice.
All of the fees for yoga classes, workshops and trainings include the 6.35% CT sales tax. 

Yoga Union accepts cash, checks, Mastercard, and Visa.