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Write a Blog

Write a Blog

These were instructions given to me by my friend, and all around website guru Adam. Write a blog. We need content for the website. We should blog on a regular basis. We??   Me?

You know how hard it is to do anything on a regular basis? As many of you know, I have been wrestling with my meditation practice for some time, it fights back! And the gym has been visited, but not in the past week. Prepare for creative and healthy meals ahead of time, yes! Day five – wilting spinach that never got out of the bag. Floss – ok I am good at flossing, great even, while driving even. But that is another blog for another day.


Abhyasa vairagyabhyam tannirodhah – Sutra 1.12

Practice. Detach from the results.


Do. Even if you skip a day, even if you skip a year, go back. Dive in again. Sit with yourself for five minutes. Not for anything. Not to get something. Not to be good at meditation or asana or pranayama. Just learn to sit with yourself, in love, on your heart throne, on your lotus throne. Basking in all that is you. How long can you stand to be with yourself?

It takes effort. Concentration and meditation take effort. The mind is a wily creature that needs a little taming, a lot of taming, a boatload of taming! Why can’t I tame it?

Doesn’t matter, keep sitting, keep being, keep diving in. Yoga is a journey of self exploration. A deep inquiry into the self. Yourself. You. In your body, in this life. What does your yoga look like every day, in every moment? When you are angry, happy, sad, secure, divine, sparkling…..all you. Still you. Nothing like you. Nothing but you. Nothing but me.

So I am opening a yoga studio. In the hopes that there are lots of people out there that want a place to explore these practices, these questions. People who might learn to sit with themselves for more than five minutes. Doing nothing, going nowhere. People who might already know how and can teach me. We could be in this together. We could share ideas and knowledge. We could come together and practice. We could encourage the very best in each other. We could recognize and see the light in each other. And the dark. We could come together in some kind of….union. And this is a big idea and a big project and a big scary thing that will require my focus and attention and tenacity and detachment from the results. Because I am doing it anyway, no matter what my wily mind wants to tell me about it. I will keep practicing, every day, in some way. Big, small it doesn’t matter.   And I will follow good advice. And I will write a blog.

So, here I am, sitting on my seat. Practicing. Writing. Heart bursting with fear and joy and curiosity and love. For all that this practice of yoga has revealed to me so far.

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