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Pam & Darlene

Pam Hiatt Repka (Studio Owner) and Darlene Barnes (Studio Manager) are sincerely honored to hold the space to expand this vision of yoga. They met in 2014 in Simsbury as fellow yoga teachers; Pam has a passion for a vinyasa/ashtanga style of yoga and Darlene’s passion is more in a moderate/gentle style of yoga.

You could say they were a match made in heaven; Darlene is the Yin to Pam’s Yang. When they realized they were both getting their 500 hour training with Patty Townsend, founder of Embodyoga® in Amherst, Massachusetts, they decided to ride share. It was through this study and the long talks in the car ride and beyond that solidified their friendship. They found that they have much more in common than it seemed. As they dove deeper into their own practice and study of yoga, it became clear that holding the space might mean they actually need to have a space! Thus, Yoga Union was born.

Thank you for choosing our studio as one of the places to deepen your inquiry into all of the limbs of yoga. We are happy to be on this path with you.

Our Yoga Teachers